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New Crowdfunding Platform For Oil Investment

Crowdfunding is not just for new products, art projects or business ideas anymore – welcome to a new way with oil investing! promises no credit checks are done on the investors and the benefits could be huge. After that project starts up and is funded, the rest of the money made will be distributed to the investors at the end of the year. Taylor agrees that not all oil wells will be plentiful and sometimes there is a gamble that isn’t in the investors favor.

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Cool New Flu Detection App

Love this awesome flu detection app from Wello – goes to show that just about anything can be done with a smartphone!

It uses outdoor weather conditions to predict indoor conditions that are most conducive to spreading infections. They balance the outdoor conditions that force more people to go inside and the indoor humidity that determines how long a virus can survive. Wello Watch is free for Android and Apple devices.

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Awesome High Tech Medical File Sharing

Medical files are a few of the pieces that are very significant to stay confidential. Yet, not every Cloud system is not inappropriate for this particular form of use. This is due to the fact that most of the Cloud systems aren’t constructed all to be private. They conceal how they are going to make use of the info in the files for advertising functions. It follows that advertising will be built by the company off the advice they receive, or else they’re going to enable other advertisers to advertise predicated on the advice they’ve in the system about a user.

This isn’t a safe method of keeping files. Consequently, a medical professional must be really cautious the way in which they keep the files secure as well as how they save their files.

The medical professionals are cautious with their patients’ health, so they must too be cautious with the sharing of medical records. It has to be held as private as possible with the due diligence necessary to handle the records with the right amount of care that is needed to make certain things remain private that should remain private.

But a great Cloud system enables medical professionals to take care of their patients with the care that they need to use. What this means is that a Cloud service (that’s the appropriate security protocols) is an important advantage. It is because an operation could be commenced in a different city while the info is transferred between both cities as well as the sufferer could be airlifted to another all. A Cloud system that is safe can really save a life quite readily due to its own abilities to share info.

Speed is an important problem in a medical emergency and having the appropriate tools for the task is essential. This is the reason a Cloud could be quite so strong. A Cloud service’s speed is instantaneous when the file is uploaded. It is said that each and every minute counts in the quicker information and a life saving scenario can get to the lifesavers the larger opportunity they must save someone ‘s life.

A Cloud service really can help when choosing the service should they possess the correct security protocols a medical professional do their jobs. There should not be any reluctance in the event the appropriate protocols are in place to subscribe. So, every medical professional should look for the Cloud service that is appropriate and utilize that system.

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Getting Gold In World Of Warcraft

Perhaps you have played with World of Warcraft? If that’s the case then you definitely should be aware of the value of getting gold quickly. How can we make gold quickly?

The response is not difficult. After reading several reviews on Warcraft Wealth, I become quite sceptical about the writer of the guide, Wayne Williams, made over 41,000g in his report – until I purchased was! by me

Warcraft Wealth has lately chosen the position of the very afforded WoW gold guide. Composed by Wayne Williams, a former gold seller, the writer shows techniques to create Gold Quickly. Noobs promising to be professional WoW gold farmers not only us these systems. It’d likewise place your Wow account at risk. And no one wishes to get their WoW accounts prohibited, right?

Want to learn more – look at this WOD leveling guide.

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2014 Summer NAMM Show Photos

It’s only about a month away and as a guitar player, I get excited to see all the new guitar and guitar accessories coming out in the next little while.

Another Summer NAMM Show has come and gone! As always, Guitar World was there in force, shooting photos and videos, gathering endless gear news and trying out (and gawking at) all the new cool stuff being introduced for 2014. Therefore, we hope you’ll check out our still-available NAMM photos on Twitter and Facebook.

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Cool High Tech Dish Washing

I recently got a new Samsung washer and love it.  But this new dishwasher is really cool too!  I need a new dishwasher too!

The technology made its debut in the high-end Samsung DW80H9970US dishwasher, which offered stellar performance that lived up to the hype. Still, with a price tag of $1, 600, we could see how some buyers might’ve been turned off. Although its features are toned down from its pricier cousin, the DW80H9930US certainly isn’t lacking in this department.

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Awesome Coffee Machine Invention

Now this is what I would call a cool coffee machine!  It takes the coffee right from the raw bean to ready to drink!  I love this!

Inventor Hans Stier says his Bonaverde machine’s ability to roast beans at the optimum temperature and for just the right amount of time and almost as quickly as filter brewing machines, sets it above the crowd of current coffee makers.

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A Great Pair Of Headphones

I have been considering these headphones and was looking for a good review on them.  This guy did an excellent writeup.

RHA is an exciting brand if for no other reason than they are a Scottish firm designing some of the best-looking, most robust earphones we’ve ever seen. The RHA MA750i headphones are part of a range which are made from various kinds of metal. These are stainless steel, and have a hand-built driver in each earpiece designed to deliver the best quality sound.

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New Smart Guns To Help Police

I think that this is really cool!  I just wonder if it can know the difference between being at the gun club practicing or on the job.

He is also one of a dozen deputies now carrying a .9mm pistol, specially equipped with a small tracking module designed to alert headquarters whenever he unholsters or fires the weapon. For him, that means a sense of reassurance that for him, help would be on the way. He used an air gun to demonstrate how the technology works.

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Marketing Technology Innovations In 2015?

I can’t believe that 2015 is just around the corner!  An interesting look at how marketing, public relations, advertising, etc may evolve with tech over the next year.

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to know you’re going to be inundated over the next 30 days with people prophesying your future at least your future in marketing for the year ahead. Hopes of the predicting author (my product category will dominate the world!). Vague claims that are hard to disprove (there will be a backlash against big data!).

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